Ancient Greek instrument sound simulated

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The sound of the epigonion has not been heard for centuries. But the engineers at the ASTRA project in Italy have worked out how to recreate its sound, as we report in Monday’s Times.

Click here to listen to music, the likes of which have not been heard since the time of Ancient Greece.

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5 Responses

  1. Sounds lovely.

    I don’t know anything about ancient music, beyond enjoying medieval stuff on Radio Three.

    How do they know / Do they know what to play? ie which notes in which order to what time signature?

  2. I gather that the music they are playing is mediaeval and not ancient Greek, so the only authentic bit is the sound of the instrument.

  3. That would be why it sounded mediaeval to me! Is anything known about what music the ancients actually listened to? Excuse my ignorance.

  4. Dear Mand

    There are some ancient Greek texts with special signs above the syllables, which apparently are the ancient Greek way of indicating how the music goes, One such text is carved into the Treasury of the Athenians at Delphi. As far as we know only one line of music was played at a time, so there was nothing that we would call harmony or counterpoint. On the other hand, drones seem to be so common in many types of ancient music that they may have played a part..

  5. Thanx! That’s more than i knew before. (Missed that carved text. I saw Delphi, many moons ago, with heatstroke and no guide book, which would be why.)

    Can’t believe no one harmonised, though. Maybe ‘officially’ they didn’t.

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