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Many old books on the Classics are outdated and not useful for practical teachers. Others may contain facts and analyses that are still valid, and more reliable than the latest blog entry.

I intend to collect here books in the ‘still useful’ category.

Mackail: Latin Literature, 1895.

A survey from the very earliest times. I have referred many times to my (printed) copy for the basic facts about authors, and for a sense of their place in history and in the development of Latin literature.

The hundred best poems (lyrical) in the Latin language, by Mackail (1905)

A personal selection from Catullus to Boethius.

Sacred Latin poetry: chiefly lyrical, selected and arranged for use (1849) by Richard Chevenix Trench

A Victorian archbishop’s dip into the riches of Christian Latin verse comes up with many gems which today’s students would find much easier to understand than Virgil or Horace.

Latin historical inscriptions illustrating the history of the early empire (1893)

One of those painstaking works that the Victorians did well.

Books by ARLT founder, Dr WHD Rouse

There are so many of these now, that I have made an index page for them.

Greek texts

An individual’s site, offering a large range of texts in Greek with accents and breathings, many with English translations.

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  1. In the 1940’s at Sandbach School we used a song book called ‘ Gaudeamus ‘ where can I obtain one?


    Derek Hughes

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