You still have a month to visit this exhibition in Rome

I Colori del Bianco is an exhibition of ancient sculpture with original pieces set beside replicas which have been painted as the originals certainly once were. Some examples are on this Blog, and a further selection can be found here. The exhibition is held in the Vatican, runs until January 31st, and entry is apparently free.

Oops! Spot the mistake.

From an otherwise interesting piece on Homer by Robert McCrum from The Observer of Sunday May 16, 2004 – sorry, I've only just come across it. The question is what kind of poet?


DoB: 1100-900 BC (in Chios or Smyrna or Rhodes or any number of Ionian islands)

AKA: Melesigenes

Job: Lyric poet

Big break: The Iliad, followed by The Odyssey, plus various other works including the comic mini-epic Batrachomyomachia (The Frog-Mouse War)

The article is here.