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UEFA apologises to Bayern fans for banning jokey Latin banner
… classic Monty Python film “Life of Brian,” which has a scene showing a zealous centurion correcting the Latin grammar of Brian’s anti-Roman graffiti. …

Harry Potter and the Teaching of Latin

 arltblogger is grateful for this piece to David Baker, Professor of Renaissance Literature at Rutgers University, a Latinist, and in his spare time a “humor blogger”. See what you think   

Latin in an Oxford primary school

Friends, Romans, schoolchildren
Financial Times
By Harry Eyres The only remotely classical thing about Pegasus Primary School on … This resurgence of classics teaching in state schools, where Latin and …

Every child deserves the classics too

Joan Smith: Every child deserves the classics too
A nymph reaches toward you with an outstretched hand, fish swim among classical urns and a Roman pavement unfolds on the sea bed: this is the underwater …