One school moving in the right direction

The email began interestingly: 'I am the school’s gifted and talented…' 

Here's someone with no false modesty, I thought to myself. Then I read
the whole sentence: 'I am the school’s gifted and talented students

The book title 'Eats shoots and leaves' came into my mind.

But the rest of the email was even more interesting. My correspondent
is thinking of starting Latin as an after school activity, with the
possibility of introducing  it as a GCSE subject later, and is
looking for help and advice, as one who never had the chance to learn

Fortunately we have quite a lot of support available from the Cambridge
Latin Course people now for people like my correspondent, not only in
printed form, but also on CD rom and on-line, with the system of
distance learning tutors.

What would be great to have, though, is a database (or even an
old-fasioned list) of people with a love of Latin gained perhaps many
years ago, who would be willing to go into secondary schools for an
hour a week, in the way that in primary schools there are 'Latin
Grannies' who help with Minimus.

Can anyone suggest ways of compiling such a list? Would the Classical
Association membership list be a basis? Or the Friends of the Classics?