The Dirty Roman Dozen

This is the title of the lead article in a brand new blog, which has just come on line. The Classical Association blog is featuring Caroline Lawrence’s piece on her favourite dozen artefacts:

“Whenever I visit schools to talk about my books set in Ancient Rome, I often bring along some of my favourite artefacts. Most of these aren’t real antique objects, but convincing replicas made by re-enactor friends or bought in museum gift shops.  But they are close enough to the original to give children a visible, tangible idea of how 1st century Rome from 21st century Britain. I let the kids look at them, sometimes handle and sniff them, even taste them.  The Roman poet Martial mentions some of these artefacts in his fourteenth book of Apophoreta, poetic Saturnalia gift-tags. ………..

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Is it too late to learn Latin?

The Telegraph advises an enquirer and advocates Cambridge Online Latin. Read on …

Classicist required: French, Mandarin, Japanese, sailing, chess and tennis and more, highly desirable

According to the Daily Mail, Coldplay’s Classics graduate Chris Martin and wife Gwneth Paltrow are  looking to employ a Classicist to tutor their children on £60k a year,  plus fringe benefits.  Check if you meet the criteria:

“The successful applicant will  be able to teach the youngsters Ancient Greek, Latin, French  and even Japanese or Mandarin, on top of giving sailing and tennis lessons.

They are also required to understand philosophy and enjoy painting, art, drama and chess.

In return, they get a high salary for spending just two to four hours a day tutoring the children at the family’s home in Belsize Park, North London.

The tutor is also expected to receive travel expenses, free use of a West London flat, nine weeks of holiday a year, use of a car and free travel with the family when they go overseas.

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Meanwhile, back in the real world of the Telegraph,

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