Latin should be available to all

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Some of us in the Oxford Classics faculty were expectant too, for this was the first year when our own Outreach Scheme GCSE Latin group would take the exam. …


AD 61

In filmed interviews Roman characters speak about their lives – in Latin. The DVD has English and Latin subtitle options.

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On this page you can watch a sample film-clip, download the texts, see some follow-up ideas, and read more about colloquial Latin.

Communicative teaching with the Cambridge Latin Course

Following Bob Patrick’s sessions at the ArLT Summer School on how to use the communicative teaching methodology TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling), it has been decided to trial the use of TPRS with Book I of the CLC. We are therefore seeking a small group of approximately ten teachers to be involved in a one year trial, starting in September 2011.  Teachers who are interested in such a methodology should indicate their interest by dropping a brief e-mail to Keith Rogers – k_d_rogers(at) .  In order to judge the effectiveness of the methodology in a range of situations, we are interested in approaches from teachers from all sectors of the secondary teaching community. Over the course of this academic year (2010-2011), training will be provided to interested teachers to help develop the necessary skills. The project is receiving support from the CSCP and resources will be provided for CLC Book 1.