The value of Classics?

Here is the link to a vigorous defence of Classics by an American writer, addressing an audience of students on their graduation day –

Now look, Latin’s fine, but Greek might be even Beta!

Catchy headline for an article in the TES which quotes a number of Heads on why they support the scheme to improve children’s literacy by sampling Greek. Last week’s issue, but I have only just come across it.  Go here:

Roman Coin information – or how to do just about everything

I have just come across the eHow Blog, my attention being drawn by a particular item on Roman coinage. The article itself is adequate as a general introduction (despite the erronious dating of the earliest Roman coinage). The real value lies in the “More Articles Like This” section where you can pursue your interest with links to “How to identify Roman Coins”,  “List of Roman Coins” and much more.

Roman Coin Information

Marathon Woman

Maria’s run reminds us that 2010 marks the 2,500th anniversary of the battle of Marathon.


How useful is Greek?

The saga continued with a poll by the ‘Guardian’ – it is closed now, but the results were encouraging, with 80% of respondents viewing the idea of introducing primary school children to Greek as a good idea.