A very welcome e-mail on the ARLT web site

Ennius amicis in Anglia s.p.d

Hodie cognovi situm vestrum.

Vobis gratulor ob magnum laborem
pro lingua latina.

Quamquam tiro sum, doceo linguam latinam, quam valde amo.

Valete, amici!

From Enio Jose Toniolo, Universidade Estadual Paulista (Brazil)

Did you hear Pliny the Elder? You still can!

Wozallthis, then?

I missed this on March 8th. It appeared in the Guardian. Can anyone explain?


In a speech to the AUT's annual media shindig, Paul Mackney,
capo of the other lecturers' union, Natfhe, pays an oblique compliment to the
education secretary. “Ruth Kelly is rumoured to dream in Latin – which is fine by us,
especially if it reduces the Greek influence from Downing Street.”
Andrew Adonis will just have to write out his instructions in the ancient Roman tongue.

Prize for Barbara (Minimus) Bell – euge!

From today's Guardian
'Notebook' column

· A small but significant announcement from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority this week.
Latin and Classical Greek have received a minor boost through changes to the exam board OCR's
GCSE and A-level syllabuses. Students will have to learn less vocabulary and shorter set texts.
And more good news on the same front. Barbara Bell, classics teacher at Clifton high school in Bristol
and the creator of the popular Minimus textbooks, which provide an introduction to Latin
for 7- to 13-year-olds, is the first winner of the Classical Association's new annual prize
for “the individual who has done the most to promote the study of language, literature and
civilisation of Ancient Greece and Rome”. The £5,000 prize will be awarded to Bell on April 1
at the association's annual conference at the University of Reading. The prize – to be awarded
annually – has been made possible by a donation by Sir Jeremy Morse,
former chancellor of Bristol University. Lingua Latina mirabilis est! (Latin is so cool…)

Berlitz in Latin? Not quite, but it's fun all the same

Jennifer Judge, who is head of world languages at Garfield School, Seattle,
registered with the ARLT site today welcome, Jen! I find that she runs a jolly web site with useful as well as entertaining
links. Here are two of her entertaining links:

First, Latin for travellers is

. It has sections on travel, shopping and dining, basic words, numbers, directions, places, times and dates.

Then, weather maps in Latin

See the rest of Jennifer's site

Help save Classics at Codsall!

Our very good friend Lynda Goss needs our support.

(See Lynda's article on the ARLT web site on teaching Latin in a broom cupboard.
This e-mail arrived in my in-box this morning and I pass it on for your immediate action, please.

The new Head has decided to axe classics from the curriculum at Codsall after July,
with only Y11 and Y13 continuing their courses until May 2006.

The school has a shortfall of £263,000 which can be met largely by “natural” staff departures.
The loss of classics for 2005-6 will save just £7,000 approximately. It seems likely, therefore,
that the decision is less to do with cash than with the extinction of Latin and Class. Civ.

Both subjects are currently taught at A level , a rare occurrence today in a comprehensive school.
Exam. results and commitment to the subjects, even to degree level, have been consistently excellent.

I would encourage you to express your concerns to:

Mrs M. Tunnicliffe, Codsall Community High School, Elliotts, Lane, Codsall, Wolverhampton WV8 1PG

The thought of her inbox and desk awash with messages of support for classics is a very pleasant one!

Many of you have other contacts who would be keen to protect our subject.

Please circulate this information to as. many as possible.

Thanks. Lynda Tel: 01543 578916

This might help if you want to post neat on-line quizzes

A site called Hot Potatoes provides some easy-to-use software that
makes professional-looking multi-choice and other quizzes. The snag is that “it is free of charge for those working
for publicly-funded non-profit-making educational institutions,
who make their pages available on the web. Other users must pay for a licence.”

And the licence costs $120.

So, if you teach in a state school you might like to investigate. Otherwise, you can get the script for a simple
quiz here.