Rouse – our founder

Thanks to Keith Rogers for the following:

Teachers of Greek who are keen to adopt a more communicative/direct method approach to teaching will be interested to know that Rouse’s ‘A Greek boy at home’ has now been revised and reprinted.  See the following link for more details and sample pages etc.

Lucy and Boris support the push for Latin

LBC Radio has been airing discussion on the merits of re-instating Latin into the curriculum in State schools , to rank alongside modern European languages such as French and Spanish. The push came from an interview they did with Boris Johnson. Apparently Boris made a joke that he secretly would like to be Education Secretary and if he were he would make Latin a Modern Language on the National Curriculum! They debated whether it should be and why room should be made for Latin in preference to other languages such as Chinese.  As a follow-up, LBC then interviewed Lucy Benson, teacher of Latin at King Edward’s G.S. Chelmsford.  Subsequent  comments from pupils who had or who were studying it were generally very positive. You can listen to Lucy’s interview here.