Classical website links organised on

John Whelpton has been working hard on behalf of Classicists. He writes:

I’ve now started putting sites from my list of Classics links onto

I’m not entirely happy with the tags I’ve chosen and I haven’t yet transferred everything (they don’t allow you enough space for the longer annotations) but the more important sites are now at

Most of the tags are self-explanatory except perhaps `star’, which is for the sites I use most extensively myself and/or think are particularly well designed.

John also raises an interesting question;

Arising out of Mary Beard's remarks about Vicipaedia and Nuntii Latini (Helsinkienses). I agree with your own comments, of course, but her reference to the Nuntii audience as `the waiting handful' made me wonder how large the audience is. I could ask the editors direct but, on past experience, they're very slow to reply. Do you have any idea how widely the site is read/listened to in Europe and North America? I would guess it's a thousand or two (any rate more than the 138 people who've also bookmarked it on!) but I've no real idea. I asked this question on the forum but got no response, though the site itself does have a link to Nuntii.

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