Bringing Classical Texts to Life in the Classroom

The course in Venice which I blogged here has a website:

To see the list of papers on offer see here.

To titillate, they include 'Sex at Siesta' (no prizes for recognising which Ovid poem that refers to), and 'Can Cicero and Horace still help us in the age of reality shows?' Contributors come from the USA, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and England.

Roman gardens – an article

There's an article that might be useful for pupil research at

£5,000 raised on Hadrian’s Wall – by Romans

Tangential to Classics teaching, but a nice story.

From The Journal

Apr 9 2008 by Peter McCusker, The Journal

ROMANS invaded Northumberland and headed for Hadrian’s Wall.

But these walkers were not of Italian descent – they had come up from Newton Aycliffe to raise money for charity.

A team of employees from shower manufacturer, Roman, raised over £5,000 for two local charities by completing a challenge to walk Hadrian’s Wall, coast to coast, over Easter weekend.

Not only did the team have the challenge of an 84-mile hike ahead of them, but they also battled against the elements, facing blizzards, high winds and sleet.

They raised funds for Roman’s chosen charities – Darlington and District Samaritans and St Teresa’s Hospice, Darlington.

Roman is aiming to raise around £10,000 for these two charities throughout 2008, via a series of different events.

The challenge took five days to complete, with the team starting out on Maundy Thursday at Segedunum Fort and finishing on Easter Monday in Bowness-on-Solway.

Twelve people participated in the hike over the Easter weekend, and although there were some injuries along the way, all managed to complete the full walk.

The first cuckoo – I mean American Latin Exam result

The first 2008 result that I've spotted is on Rockbridge Weekly's Newsline, and includes this:

All of these students have put forth hard work and conscientious effort to win these awards. They were joined by over 134,500 others from all 50 states and eleven foreign countries.

Roll on the year when CICERO has that many entrants!