Children’s Archaeology Day at Whittlesey

From Peterborough Today

CHILDREN are told not to roam far from home – but what if you didn't have to go roamin' for Romans?

Cambridgeshire County Council’s Archaeological Field Unit and its Library Service will be holding a Children’s Archaeology Day at Whittlesey Library, on Saturday, April 26.

Throughout the day, children and their parents or carers, will be able to have a go at a range of different activities and even meet some “Romans”.

There will also be a free 40-minute activity session for children aged five to 11, which will run hourly throughout the day for which a ticket will be issued.

Free tickets are available from library staff or by booking in advance.

Call the library on 0845 045 5225. Places are limited so please get you ticket as soon as possible.

There is also an archaeological Odd Objects Quiz, which is running from now until Wednesday, April

A prize will be presented to the winner on April 26.


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