Domus Aurea closed again – because of rain

I’ve never seen the Domus Aurea, except by peering down through a grating at ground level. I suppose I just haven’t been in Rome at the right time. Anyway, they say they don’t know when it will reopen.

Associated Press

ROME (AP) — Authorities in Rome have closed Nero’s Golden Palace to the public after days of heavy rain filled the monument with mud and damaged the electrical system.

Gabriella Gatto, a spokeswoman for the city’s archaeological office, said no decision has been made on when the monument will reopen.

She stressed that the closure was only a safety precaution and that the palace was not significantly damaged by the severe storms that hit Rome over the last week.

Built by Roman emperor Nero in the first century A.D., the sumptuous “Domus Aurea” has been plagued by structural problems and humidity that threaten its frescoed halls.

Roughly half the palace was closed after heavy rains in 2005 threatened to collapse it. Until Monday some sections had stayed open to guided tours.

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