After 2,000 years, ‘carpe diem’ still resonates in home town of Horace

From the Vancouver Sun:

A statue of Horace  stands in the centre of a square in his home town of Venosa. The Latin poet, who lived from 65 BC to 8 BC, is much celebrated in the small, southern Italian city. A hotel and a school are named after him, and excerpts from his works are displayed on outdoor wall panels that are lit up after dark

ImageVENOSA, Italy – Horace, the great Latin poet of ancient Rome, was confident of his literary legacy: “I have achieved a monument more lasting than bronze, and loftier than the pyramids of kings,” he wrote in one of his celebrated odes.

His physical monument here is an impressive tribute — maybe a bit too impressive.

Erected in his birthplace of Venosa in 1898, the larger-than-life-size bronze depicts a tall, perfectly proportioned, toga-clad figure — despite the fact that Horace described himself as being short and stout.

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