The lastest ‘iris’ magazine

The seventh issue of Iris magazine is out this September. This issue
looks at re-interpretations of the Classics in contemporary art, theatre and
literature, and includes:

  • Iris author interview special: Richard Adams, author of Watership Down and Lindsey Davis, author of the ‘Falco’ novels
  • The Many Lives of Venus de Milo: Classical Sculpture and contemporary art
  • Re-inventing the Classics: Science Fiction and the Classical world
  • Someone Else’s Dream: Magical Realism, Latin America and Classical literature
  • Colouring-in the Ancient World: The Classics and contemporary race relations
  • Travelogue: a weekend in Florence

It also includes
articles and features on outreach projects, news and reviews, quizzes
and puzzles, a what’s on section, translations and fiction, advice and

The magazine is available to order through the website at
Iris magazine is part of The Iris Project, an educational charity
promoting Classics in state schools and inner cities, and half of all
copies printed are sent free to state schools which do not offer any
Classical subjects.

best wishes,


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