Look out the Romans are coming ……to Frenchgate shopping centre

From the Doncaster Free Press:

St Leger Festival Week is fast approaching with over 200 events running from September 7 – 16. As part of the festival, the Romans are coming to town, however this time they are marching through the Frenchgate Shopping Centre which should prove quite the spectacle to the retailers and people shopping within.

 On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September the Romans will set up camp around Doncaster and will begin marching at 12noon from the Minster. They will then proceed down Baxter gate until they reach the Frenchgate Shopping Centre shortly after 12noon.

Around 2pm the Roman army recruitment team will be signing up children to join the Roman Army (suitable for 4-10 year olds); full uniform and training will be provided! Finally at 3pm a range of Gladiators will line up for the grand “Gladiator Contest” and do battle on the Doncaster Minster grounds.

Outside the Minster, there will be displays of drill, Roman coin making and visitors can even learn how to write their names in Latin. Archaeologists are also on hand with genuine Roman artefacts found in Doncaster. Both days should prove great fun for all the family.

Colin Joy, Tourism Manager for Doncaster said “I’m delighted that the Frenchgate Shopping Centre is going to be part of the route for the Roman Army and supporting the St Leger Festival Week celebrations. Shoppers will experience something quite unique, but we hope everyone enjoys the Roman Army’s triumphant return to Doncaster and joins in the fun.”

Festival Guides, listing all of the 200+ events, are available from the Information Desk inside the Frenchgate Centre and also the Tourist Information Centre on the High Street. Should you require anymore information visit St Leger Festival Week.

A legion of Roman soldiers take over the town as part of the St Leger Festival celebrations. Picture: Shaun Flannery

A legion of Roman soldiers take over the town as part of the St Leger Festival celebrations. Picture: Shaun Flannery

The item has attracted one comment so far:

“The Romans coming to Donny?

Lets hope they’ve got immobilisers fitted to their chariots or they’ll soon be gone.

As Julius Caesar once said when he came to Doncaster –
‘I came, I saw, I signed on’.”

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