quo usque tandem abutere – patientia nostra?

plus ca change

No prizes for supplying the missing name, but I had the great good fortune of breaking my wife’s glasses over Christmas. Even more fortunately, we were in Venice at the time and and chanced to be directed to an area not far from the Hotel, but an area unfamiliar to us. Threatened with imminent flooding from a combination of incessant rain and high tide we stepped gingerly over the temporary flood barrier out of the narrow alley and into the opticians. Whilst the technician went about his work on the damaged frames I went back to  inspect more closely the  flood defences of the shop and my eye was immediately drawn to the front window of the building opposite and to a poster picked out against bright orange paper. Despite my best efforts, I could not persuade the receptionist in this Hotel to let me have the poster, nor the barman in the “Irish” pub further on down the street, whose grasp of English was even more suspect than my Italian. I did manage to explain to him why I wanted the poster and said that if he later saw me walking past his pub poster in hand,  then it probably would be because I had stolen it… I soon realised that most all the shops in this street had this poster, but could I persuade any one to let me have their copy? I needn’t have worried. Lo and behold, on the next corner, a printer’s shop, with said poster on display in the window! Could I have it to take back for my A level Latin pupils? No! But I could pay for a copy.  By the time I got it back to my classroom it looked as battered as it should – given the struggle to get it and  its journey across Europe.. You can get your copy here