Comparing Roman and Iranian Books of Kings

You might have missed this Iran Book News Agency announcement – and, alas, you have definitely missed the session on the Aeneid which was held just before Christmas. But in case you were not aware that the Aeneid attracts scholarly debate in Iran, here is the opening announcement:  
“This week’s Book City session is given to an analysis of Aeneid, Roman book of the kings, with the Persian Shahnameh where Dr Mir Jalaleddin Kazazi will make a speech.
IBNA: Great Latin epic, Virgil’s Aeneid, is one of the great three heroic poems of the Europe; the other two are the Iliad and the Odyssey. Like Odyssey, Aeneid follows the events narrated in Iliad. Virgil’s masterpiece is translated into Persian by Dr Mir Jalaleddin Kazazi. The volume was picked up as the Book of the Year after its publication. …..”
and it concludes with
“This week’s Book City Session on Aeneid will be held on Tuesday 21 December at 16:30 (location: 3rd Alley, Bucharest St., Shahid Beheshti Ave.) and it is open to the public.”