“There’s been a Latin teacher in this building since 1843. I refuse to be the last.”

December 28th 2010

From parentcentral.ca

“Latin lovers fight to keep the Latin language in Ontario’s schools:

Here are some things that Amy Liu knows, for 10 points each:

From its Latin derivatives, a ventriloquist is someone who speaks from their belly instead of their lips. Something “marmoreal” is made out of marble. The Ancient Romans’ word for greed was avaritia.

Amy is 17.  Actually, it’s her 17th birthday, and she’s chosen to spend it at the Certamen………”

It’s the familiar story…… young person enjoys learning Latin and appreciates how it will be of benefit. Parents support and encourage its study. Universities and educators acknowledge its value – yet somehow it just has to go.  Too expensive?  Not relevant?  Too elitist? Sound familar?!

The whole article is here, with some reassuring counter-arguments: http://www.parentcentral.ca/parent/education/schoolsandresources/article/911126–latin-lovers-fight-to-keep-the-language-in-ontario-s-schools