Latin – the World Cup and so forth

from Greg Pallis

(despite England winning today…..ed.)

With England doing quite so badly as they are, I wondered if ARLT members (and their classes) might be interested in a chance to right things… through the medium of latin, of course! So here is a free (as in, actually free), and pleasantly high-tech online game I made, in which you try to win the World Cup as any of the 32 nations – by answering questions on conjugations, declensions, adjectives… or whatever else the teacher decides on. Teachers can easily create their own questions on the site, and set the game to run using those instead, so if you want to have the whole game run by just asking questions on the ablative absolute, that’d be perfectly possible.

The main site’s at, and if you want to head straight to the latin content, just click the links at the top of the ‘play’ page. My students *really* enjoyed it when I used it with them, and promptly all went home and spent the whole weekend doing grammar revision by playing it, so I’d like to spread the love and see if other teachers get a kick out of it?


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