Learning anytime, anyplace, anywhere – Classics podcasts to the world

When Mr Seth Bolderow, Head of Classics at King Edward’s School, decided to create podcasts, it was to help his pupils to learn their vocabulary. He was surprised to find that not only were his students enjoying the podcasts, but he had an audience from around the world downloading them as well.

Since Mr Bolderow’s podcasts started at the beginning of February there have been over two hundred downloads from all over the UK,  Europe and the United States.

Mr  Bolderow, commented:

“It started as a way of helping the younger pupils to learn their vocabulary. It has since expanded to help the older pupils learn their set texts for GCSE & A Level. I knew that our pupils found the podcasts useful, what surprised me was the number of people downloading them from around the world. We now have listeners not only in the UK, but in places as far afield as Oslo and Los Angeles

Mr Bolderow believes the success of the podcasts is down to the portable audio format which is so easy for pupils to use as they travel to and from school. Mr Bolderow said: “The podcasts allow pupils to take their Latin and Greek vocabulary with them wherever they go on their MP3 players; anytime, anyplace, anywhere.”

To listen to the podcast ,  follow this link – http://kesclassics.podomatic.com/

The popularity of the podcast downloads has encouraged Mr Bolderow to plan the next generation of podcasts which will include recordings from the pupils themselves.

Latin Teaching – the Journal

Latin Teaching

The Journal of the Association for (the reform of) Latin Teaching.

I am hoping to create on the ARLT website  an archive of the “Latin Teaching” Journal of the ARLT. Contributions from members past and present are invited. Submissions  to the webmaster should preferably be in electronic form, but a paper copy will be equally welcome. I promise to return the original, once scanned. I have made a start with the Jubilee edition of December 1973 –  here.