Tellus provides a meeting ground for contemporary poetry which interacts with any aspect of ancient civilisations, revitalising those lost worlds for a 21st century audience. The first issue of this new magazine boasts some big names, such as Andrew Motion and Michael Longley, alongside some excellent up and coming writers. To give a brief taster of the variety Tellus offers, the first issue will take us from an ancient Sardinian warrior statue, to the great flood sent by the Babylonian god Enlil, to Catullus’ girlfriend, who finally gets a chance to give her opinion on their famously rocky relationship. Tellus is by no means a magazine purely for classical experts; no knowledge of ancient languages is required, and all poems are given a brief contextualisation, with links to classical texts and other resources to take interests further. For more information please visit or contact the editor at The first issue, to appear in March 2010, is entirely free. If you would like to order a copy for yourself, or for general access in a school (recommended for years 11-13), library or university department, please email your address to