in rebus

If you are not familiar with “in rebus“, you might profitably spend a while browsing this site. The motto generator is fun, if rather limited in scope. If you are “dating a Latinist” and need a Latin quote for your love letter, then look no further. There are mnemonic rhymes for gender and number, legal maxims alphabetically arranged, medical terms, derivations, translation assistants, links to dictionaries online and very much more.  Regrettably, Google ads abound and you will have to pick your way round the occasional ads for dating sites et cetera.

From the home page:

“The majority of texts and materials on this site have something to do with the Latin language, including its perception and use in popular culture (quotes, tattoos, mottos, engravings, inscriptions etc). Among the highlights are a free Latin Dictionary Assistant (a Windows interface for W. Whitaker’s “Latin Words”), Latin Word of the Day, a Latin Motto Generator, Latin quotes & phrases , Antique engraved rings, and Legal Latin phrases, quotes & writs. These resources are meant to be enjoyed by  people seriously interested in the Latin language as well as anyone simply dabbling for whatever reason in the idiom of Ancient Rome and Medieval Europe.”

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