Hello, World! A new weblog announces itself

 Just another  WordPress.com weblog? 

Think again!  Tres Columnae 

 “aims to be everyone’s home on the Web for (you guessed it!) Joyful Latin Learning.  In fact, we aim to build a Joyful Learning Community where all kinds of people can come together to learn about the Latin language, the history and culture of the Roman Empire, and the ways that Latin (and the Romans) have influenced today’s languages and cultures.  We’ll be launching the actual website (and the Joyful Learning Community) early in 2010.  But first, we want to spread the word, to invite people to join us, and to let you know what’s special and different about “Tres Columnae.”

We wish it every success. You can keep tabs on its progress here.

One Response

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning Joyful Latin Learning and the Tres Columnae project! I’d love to invite you (and all your readers) to follow us and, in particular, to read and comment on this post which gives an example of the text of a “Lectio” or lesson. In the full version of the project, we’ll also have audio, illustrations, and participant-created video.
    curate ut valeatis!

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