a Latin speaking experience.

SALVI (Septentrionale Americanum Latinitatis Vivae Institutum or North
American Institute for Living Latin Studies) is proud to announce two
exciting summer programs for 2010: Rusticatio (July 18-24) and Iter Romanum
(July 1-8).
Rusticatio, July 18-24, 2010, Charles Town, West Virginia
Rusticatio is a week-long, full-immersion Latin workshop offering
high-energy conversation exercises and readings from Latin literature.
In an intimidation-free environment crucial for progress in a second
language, Rusticatio participants live together for seven days while they
speak, read, write, cook, and relax-all while communicating entirely in
Latin. Through a variety of exchanges, including instructional sessions, a
common kitchen, daily shared tasks, down-time, and excellent food and wine
(which are abundant and included in the price), Rusticatio participants
enjoy unparalleled camaraderie while they experience firsthand various
teaching methods that are directly applicable to secondary and university
Latin classrooms.
For more information about Rusticatio and application instructions, please
visit our website at http://www.latin.org/rusticatio/
Iter Romanum, July 1-8 2010, Rome, Italy
Iter Romanum is a unique, week-long, full-immersion tour of Rome – tantum
Latine! We will tour Rome’s sites – ancient, medieval, Renaissance and
modern – read excerpts from Latin literature, discuss what we see, read and
hear, and listen to our distinguished tour guides (mystagogi) as they show
us around the fascinating city known as caput mundi – all while spending the
week living, performing all of our tasks, and holding all of our
conversations in Latin only. Each day will be structured around a visit to
an historical site in or around Rome. Possible destination sites (subject to
change) include:
Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Circus Maximus, Domus Aurea, Colosseum, St.
Peter’s Basilica, Vatican necropolis and the tomb of St. Peter, Vatican
Museums, Villa Borghese, Ostia Antica.
For more information about Iter Romanum and application instructions, please
visit our website at http://latin.org/rusticatio/iterromanum.php
If you have any further question about either of these programs or about
SALVI, please contact us directly at info@latin.org.
We look forward to seeing you in summer 2010!
Jennifer (Guenevera) Nelson
Praeses, SALVI

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