Word histories and a favorite teacher

I am sure that “favourite teachers” can be cited for every possible subject on the curriculum. But it just seems to crop up again and again that the Latin teacher is able to enthuse and leave a lasting impression on so many former pupils. Maybe I’m biased and just blinkered and only see what I want to see.  Of course I am!

But here’s another testimonial for another Latin teacher – and thank goodness she is still alive …..


Monday, August 10, 2009

“In a world where we are constantly reminded of the passing of the giants of our childhoods, it was with enormous relief that I learned the rumor of the demise of my best elementary school teacher was false.

Sister Mary Reynold taught me in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades at St. Anthony’s Catholic School. I was blessed with three full years of her teaching at a crucial time in life. Her praises and rebukes alike still live with me, and both have made me a better person. But if there’s any one thing she taught me, it’s the place of etymology in an understanding of our language.

She had a double major in mathematics and Latin, I learned many years later. The math never really took hold of me, but her deep know-ledge of Latin left a lasting imprint on my mind. ….”

read the whole article here

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