Teacher’s Pack for the Roman Baths museum at Aquae Sulis

from Anne Dicks;
A project I have recently taken on is updating the Teacher’s Pack for the Roman Baths museum.  The education staff there are very keen to get ideas from teachers about the sort of information they would like to have included in the pack.
We want to expand the scope of the pack to include topics studied for Key Stage 3 as well as for GCSE and in the 6th form.  As well as giving help with translating the Latin on inscriptions etc. we can focus on topics like Romanisation, women, the economy – anything that might be of use for Classical Civilisation, Archaeology and Ancient History courses.  Any ideas will be very welcome!  I don’t know anything at all about IB exams ….
The museum displays are in the process of being reorganised and the route around the museum has changed, so I consider it a real privilege to be involved in liaison between teachers and the museum at this exciting time. If you have any ideas, please contact me at  anne@pyrrha.me.uk
You can find out more about Anne’s work here – 

Pyrrha’s Roman Pages website  pyrrha.me.uk

CICERO Latin competition website ciceroeuropa.eu

Suki’s own website   pyrrha.demon.co.uk/suki.html

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