Webchat in Latin

From Keith Rogers: –

Evan Miller recently posted the following article on the Latinteach discussion group.  Teachers who wish to develop their spoken Latin skills or use the archive as a classroom resource may find it of interest
If anyone wishes to attend a ‘conventiculum’ of speaking in Latin then consult the following page

Chatting in real-time

Evan Miller.

Those of us who wish to develop our skills as communicators in Latin, there
is a wonderful resource on Schola – the real-time chatroom. Obviously, when
people are typing fast, they make lots of errors, and many of the
participants only have a couple of years of Latin. The fact they can
communicate actively at all, and are trying to communicate actively, says an
enormous amount about the methods we promote on this list.

You can visit the archives and see what sort of stuff is talked about – you
may perhaps be surprised at how much Latin gets written in that chatroom
every day. True, modo balbutiendo it is, but some of the contributors have
very good Latin – and in this free environment, skills can develop. When a
beginner uses a language, they are going to make a lot of errors, but
they’ll learn faster if they use the language.

There is an archive available, of the past month’s conversations http://chatlogs.meebo.com/room/locutoriumnovum7ae28870/logs/today/>,
which you can visit. Maybe they could make a useful classroom activity –
print them up, and get your students to correct all the mistakes!!


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