Doctor Who – the Fires of Pompeii

Don’t miss this!  Wednesday 3rd June 7.00pm on BBC3

You don’t have to be a Doctor Who fan to appreciate the value of this programme to Junior CLC Latin classes everywhere. When the headmaster arranged to observe one of my lessons recently, as part of my appraisal, it happened to coincide with the climax of Stage 12. It was only to be a 35 minute lesson. Just enough time to read the last reading passage, flash up some images of Pompeian plaster casts, speculate on who they were, how they had died and how they could possibly have avoided their fate. And just as the awfulness of the eruption and the imminent demise of characters they had come to know and love dawned on them , the pupils and the headmaster were suddenly presented with a saviour, a deus ex machina, totally unexpected, a triumph of timing, and pure theatre as the Doctor was finally persuaded by Donna to save Caecilius and his family………

You can now get this episode on DVD – but catch it on TV this week, record it – and don’t tell the kids at school, not yet.


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