An amphitheatre cut into the hills

S Wales Argos

Doing it like the Romans

9:20pm Friday 3rd April 2009

An amphitheatre cut into the hills above Rhiwderin is giving children at Pentrepoeth infant school a unique new learning facility.

The arena can sit 40 pupils and allows a storyteller or teacher to address the youngsters.

Eco-team leader John Willmore said: “We built a nature trail a year ago which gives the children a chance to explore. But they had nowhere to sit down and learn.

“They submitted their designs and we decided to create a Roman-style feature for outdoor learning.”

The ampitheatre took four weeks to build by Craft Wales, who dug four metres into the bank to create the unique look.

It cost £7,000. This was met by the Parent Teachers Association. Fundraisers included a cycle ride from Bassaleg to Bangor. This was completed by Martin Jenkins- Fiance of teacher Christina Richards- and took four days, raising over £5,000.


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