New edition of History of Greece

I pick one out of the latest OUP catalogue as possibly being useful in school. Other volumes, like a book on Manilius, may be very interesting, but the syllabus, the syllabus ….

By the way, my eye was caught by the Manilius because of the AE Housman connection. This new book says of the Housman edition:

In 1903, finally, the scholar and poet A. E. Housman published, at his own expense, the first volume of a critical edition of Manilius (work on this project would occupy him for nearly another three decades: the final volume came out in 1930). The work is famous—some might say, notorious—for its bold handling of the text, its incisive commentary, and its merciless (and often very amusing) invective against other scholars.

The critic prefaced the edition with a dedicatory Latin poem of his own, addressed to his friend Moses J. Jackson, for whom the closeted homo-sexual Housman harboured a lifelong passion.6 In this beautiful and gloomy elegy, the poet contrasts the regular and eternal movement of the stars not only with his and Jackson’s own mortality, but also with the sad fate of Manilius himself: the Latin poet believed that he had achieved immortality through his verse, but in reality, his poem hardly
made it tothe present day, arriving in our time battered and damaged, like a shipwreck (‘[carmina] naufraga’, 13). His ambitions thus shattered, Man-ilius provides an ‘all-too-obvious example’ (‘clara nimis . . . exempla’, 9) of how — thus Housman, bitterly — ‘no man ever ought to trust the gods’ (‘ne quis forte deis Wdere uellet homo’, 10). And indeed, despite Housman’s editorial efforts and the work that at least some scholars have dedicated tothe poet since, Manilius today plays only a marginal role in classical studies and is all but unknown to the general public.

Anyway, here’s the more useful volume:

A Brief History of Ancient Greece
Politics, Society, and Culture
Sarah B. Pomeroy, Stanley M. Burstein, Walter Donlan, and Jennifer Tolbert Roberts

New Edition

* Provides balanced coverage of political, military, social, cultural, and economic history
* Brief enough to be used alongside other books in Greek Civilization, Greek and Roman Civilization, or Western Civilization courses
* Presents the collaboration of 4 scholars who are experts in different areas of Greek history

26 February 2009 | £22.99 | Paperback | 432 pages
For more details, visit:


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