A very good day in Cambridge

I’m in a very nice Cambridge hotel relaxing after a very encouraging and happy Refresher Course in Cherry Hinton Hall, where the International School moved at the beginning of this academic year. A lovely place to meet.

We were not a large group – just about 39 of us – but it was a good day.

The food was plentiful and good – an important thing for any conference.

I attended two of the option groups, and took part in brilliant presentations from Peter Geall on
 taking school parties to Italy, the Bay of Naples and Rome (I took notes, and Peter hopes to get his typed out and he may contribute them to the ARLT school travel site) and an equally exciting and helpful reading of a section of Juvenal 10 from Hilary Walters. Great stuff.

The two lectures spelled out a really hopeful future for Latin to GCSE in our country. Ann Davey, the Classics officer of OCR, took us through the new GCSE plans, which include a half GCSE that can be done in the same time as an ‘ordinary’ GCSE. Lots and lots of thought have obviously been put into the syllabus, and you can find out the details by going through the OCR site. The only pity is that the half GCSE isn’t given what it deserves, a full GCSE weighting.

The other lecture was by Will Griffiths, all about what the Welsh board has planned. This also has had a lot of thought put into it, and if you go to the Cambridge Classics Project site, there’s a link top left to all the details. The result, demanding the normal hours for a GCSE, gets a full level2 (GCSE Higher Tier) credit, and schools can add that to their statistics, though it can’t be included as a GCSE in name until the next round of general GCSE review (2013 I think).

On a personal note, at the Committee Meeting after the INSET, I said my farewells to some of the many very good friends I have made over the years at ARLT events. If I may I add my personal blog link again. Some of my friends are following it and I have just had an email from one good friend who wasn’t there today, saying he found in inspiring. It’s http://streetinsomerset.blogspot.com/

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