Dorothy Sayers again

I am glad to see that LatinTeach has given a link to the Dorothy Sayers lecture accessible from the tab above. LatinTeach also gives a link to Sayers’ ‘Lost Tools of Learning’.

One of the reasons for the study of the Classics is to gain an alternative world-view, from which we can look at our own century and type of civilisation.

Most of us, most of the time, walk around with 21st century western blinkers. Probably we need more prophets, such as the Old Testament prophets who saw society from a different perspective and said so, loud and clear.

But another way is to look with empathy on the way other centuries saw things. Technology has changed vast swathes of life; but it may have overlaid and hidden many valuable truths of human nature and relationships. A study today says that social network sites are changing young people’s brains. Put at its simplest, compare what happens when children relate on the net with how they are when they are out in a field playing with a ball. Doesn’t the first way lack something?

Anyway, these random thoughts come from the Sayers link, which I recommend for a fresh view.

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