Boris’ Roman Quiz

Boris Johnson has been given a computer game about the Romans (see his blog here) and had the bright wheeze of making it the prize in a quiz about the Romans. Cast a glanceover the questions below, and if tempted follow the link to enter. Classicists of course have a head start, but no doubt the winner comes, fairly, out of a hat.

Q1 The Colosseum is a symbol of munificence from the Emperor Vespasian who presented it to the city of Rome as its first permanent amphitheatre. Its location is a site reserved for Neros private palace. What shape is the Colosseum

Q2. How big was it?

Q3. How long was the Colosseum in use?

Q4 Which insane Roman emperor married his sister and made his horse his consul?

Q5 When Boris Johnson won the battle to become Mayor of London he said he would reign like a certain Roman Emperor.  Which one?

Q6 Which unusual animal did Hannibal use in his wars against the Romans?

Q7 Which famous tv series was based on the life of a Roman emperor and starred Derek Jacobi?

Q8 Which tragedy by William Shakespeare is based on the life of a famous Roman soldier who turned his back on Rome?

Q9 What is the title of the book on Ancient Rome written by Boris Johnson?

Q10 When 5,000 Roman soldiers formed a fighting unit, what was this unit called?

Q11 Which Roman emperor “fiddled while Rome burned”.

Q12 Who is the Roman God of War?

Q13 Translate “Amor omnia vincit”.

Q14 Translate “Pax Vobiscum”.

Q15 Translate “Carpe Diem”.

Q16 In the Shakespeare play, JULIUS CAESAR, which Roman character makes the speech “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!”

Q17  Which beautiful Queen of Egypt won Mark Antony’s love?

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  1. Thanks for this!

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