Achieving an ambition – Dorothy Sayers

This was a personal ambition of mine. I have with me at the moment the bound volume of the ARLT journal, Latin Teaching, from 1951 to 1962. Shining out like a bright star among all the reports of Summer Schools and reviews of new Latin texts and textbooks is the lecture that Dorothy Sayers gave to the Summer School held at the Leys School in 1952.

I have now scanned the whole text and opened a new Page on this blog where it can be permanently available – see the link at the top of this blog.

Dorothy Sayers recounts her own 20 years of struggling with Latin, and her failure at the end of the time to be able to read any Classical author fluently, as she could read French or Italian.  Her solution is fairly revolutionary.

On the way she has interesting and controversial things to say about which of the many Latin pronunciations may be best (the ARLT favourite is dismissed out of hand), and remarks about spoken Latin that will gladden the hearts of some of my friends.

Anyway, her words are there for you to enjoy. I am fairly confident that I am not infringing the rights of  her executors, because she gave ARLT  permission to publish.

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