‘Centurion’ to be filmed in Scotland

If you can acclimatise to News of the World language, you may be interested in this item. You will see the gorgeous pouting (and all the other News of the Screws Homeric epithets) Olga by following the link.

By Graham McKendry, 07/02/2009
SWORD blimey! Prepare to feel glad-iator all over fellas — Bond babe Olga Kurylenko is heading to Scotland to film a new bloody Roman battle flick.

She might look fighting fit already, but the sexy stunner has been pumping iron to prepare for her phwoar scenes as brutal Pictish queen Gorlacon.

Olga — who played sexy spy Camille alongside Daniel Craig in Quantum Of Solace — wants to be ready for demanding stunts in new movie Centurion, which recounts the legend of how the Ninth Legion marched to Scotland and vanished.

A production insider said: “She’s aiming to be in the shape of her life for Centurion. She’s very sexy but it’s going to be a very demanding shoot.

“She’s already hitting the weights and the running machine to work on a really tough warrior queen image.

Olga already has buns of steel so the mind boggles as to what she’s going to be like when we’re ready to start.”

Shooting begins on February 22 at Ealing Studios in London and on location in Badenoch and Strathspey, Inverness-shire — where locals can get up close to the 29-year-old Ukranian as extras.

Check out awesome Olga:

Co-starring alongside curvy Kurylenko is Dominic West from The Wire and Michael Fassbender, the German-born, Irish-raised actor who appeared with West in another Ancient World hit – 300.

Centurion is written and directed by Neil Marshall, who has an impressive track record with action women on screen.

He made a big impact with The Descent, in which female cavers had to take on carnivorous sub-human creatures underground.

And Rhona Mitra leads a special forces team over Hadrian’s Wall to retrieve the cure for a deadly plague in his recent sci-fi film, Doomsday.

The film was inspired by stories of the 9th Legion — the “Lost Legion”.

Julius Caesar invaded England in 55 BC, but it was another 135 years before the Romans made any meaningful incursions into Scotland. They established forts from Dumfriesshire to Tayside. But their territory in England was continually threatened by the northern tribes, and they built Hardian’s Wall to keep the Scots in their place.

According to legend, the 9th Legion marched into Scotland, with as many as 4,000 men, and then promptly disappeared.

Trish Shorthouse, of the Scottish Highlands and Islands Film Commission, said: “It’s something we’ve been dealing with for a long period of time in one form or another and it’s particularly nice to see it happening.

“We are delighted to have a project of this size and scale filming at this time of year, which can a be a slow time in the season for filming.

“It’s a great boost to the local economy.”