I think not!

Huffington Post has a piece about people enjoying cruelty and other peoples’ suffering. Judging by this extract about the Colosseum, the writer has not checked his facts.

How many days in the year were there beast fights or gladiatorial contests in the Colosseum? Certainly not ‘nearly very day in the week’ (the Romans did not have weeks anyway).

Let’s leave Christian Europe and travel in our mental time-machine to pagan Rome during the reign of Caligula, Tiberius, or some other royal personage of the Empire. We visit the Colosseum, that huge torture chamber in which nearly every day in the week thousands of ordinary Romans shout with joy at the spectacle of men, women, and children from every corner of the Empire (and many from the very streets of Rome) on the sand, alive, half-naked, defenseless as they are torn to pieces by lions, tigers, leopards, bears, or even fellow humans, the gladiators who wield maces, swords, spears, or hatchets, flesh crushed, ripped, and gored, the sand soaked in blood. The daily consequence was such an abundance of dead human meat that modern scholars have been provoked to write whole books debating the logistics puzzle of how the bodies were disposed.

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