Oxbridge Classics Open Day 2009

See the programme here

Suitable for school/college students in Years 10-13, life-long learners and teaching staff.

When: Friday 27th March 2009
Where: Various venues in Oxford (The Sheldonian, Examination Schools,
Oxford colleges and the University Classics Centre).

We provide all open day visitors with lunch in an Oxford college free of
charge. (Booking is therefore essential, please see below).

If you would like to find out more about the Classics courses at
Oxford/Cambridge, you have questions about the interview/admissions process for Oxford and/or Cambridge, or you would like to know more about studying at Oxbridge in general, then come along to our Classics Open Day.

This is an annual event which is hosted by Oxford and Cambridge alternately.

For all enquiries about this event please email the Classics Office
Administrative Assistant Mrs Susan McCann: susan.mccann@classics.ox.ac.uk

Booking for this event is essential (please contact Mrs McCann).

We look forward to welcoming you to Oxford for this event,
With all best wishes
Lizzie Sandis

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