Mick Jagger and Latin

Sunday Telegraph

Sir Mick Jagger’s interest in Latin is generally thought to be confined to his choice of women – who have included Bianca Jagger, a Nicaraguan; Luciana Morad, a Brazilian; and Vanessa Neumann, from Venezuela. The 65-year-old Rolling Stones singer has now revealed a fascination for Latin, the ancient language.

Sir Mick was looking around Latymer Upper School recently with Gabriel, his 11-year son by Jerry Hall, when he was shown into a classroom where a Latin lesson was taking place. The singer looked at the words on the board and found to his delight that he could understand them.

“He was thrilled that he could read it all,” says my man at the school, at which Gabriel may start in September, subject to passing an exam.

The fees for the west London school, which has been fully co-educational since 2004, are £13,470 a year. Sadly for Sir Mick, who is known to keep a close eye on the purse strings, Gabriel is unlikely to qualify for a means-tested scholarship.

Last year, Mandrake disclosed that Alan Rickman, who played Severus Snape in the Harry Potter films, was paying for a bursary at his alma mater. The actor followed in the footsteps of Hugh Grant and Mel Smith, his fellow Old Latymerians, who already fund bursaries.

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