The Iris Project news

This is from Lorna Robinson.

Over 1000 children from London’s most deprived boroughs who are involved in The Iris Project’s Latin through literacy scheme are getting the opportunity to see Latin in action this year through attending
workshops on Latin plant names and ancient approaches to nature, and
visiting Eden in 2009-10.

As well as attending workshops run by The Iris Project at their
schools, they will be travelling to Cornwall to stay on a farm and
visit Eden’s famous biomes, where they will learn about Latin plant
names, farming and nature, and how modern and ancient perspectives are
similar and different.

The Iris Project delivers free Latin and ancient world courses to
state schools, particularly focussing on socially excluded city
regions, and aims to enrich all areas of the school curriculum by
showing how ancient languages and cultures connect with our world.

The aim of these workshops and visits is to bring Latin and the
ancient world to life in a fascinating setting, and to enable inner
city children who might not otherwise have the opportunity, to visit
Eden, connect with the natural world, and nurture an interest in
plants and the environment, and how the ancient world valued and
related to nature.