Allectus (d. 296), Roman emperor in Britain

Today’s Life from the
Oxford Dictionary and National Biography is of the shadowy self-proclaimed Emperor Allectus.

It should be available for a week. After that the link won’t work, but you can always log in with your public library membership number.

Helen Forte from Minimus asked:

Have you come across the story about the 825 gold staters excavated in Dallinghoo, near Woodbridge? The hoard is Iceni and pre-Roman invasion.

I hadn’t, but I checked up and found this very nice video.

Video here.

I used to the vicar of one of the Woodbridge churches, so that’s an extra interest for me, but the story is pretty amazing anyway.

The written report is here.

Roman baths at Bath add science to school trips

It’s long been a place where youngsters find out more about a crucial period of history.

But now the Roman Baths have been transformed into an interactive science classroom.

Youngsters from across the area will be putting their scientific knowledge into practice by measuring data at the attraction.

Staff at the baths have created a project which allows pupils to gather information around the site to learn more about conservation.

Roman Baths’ manager Stephen Clews said: “The environment at the Roman Baths yields some fascinating and unusual data because the hot spring rises in the middle of the site and hot steaming water runs through it.

“Students visiting the Roman Baths can see how something that is taught as part of a science lesson at school has relevance in a local museum and helps to conserve the ancient remains that lie at the heart of the World Heritage Site.”

Pupils will be able to gather information around the site about temperature, sound and light and then analyse their results once they are back at school.

Year 8 pupils have already visited the council-run baths to collect data as part of the project, which is funded by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council South West.

As part of its conservation programme, staff from Bath and North East Somerset Council monitor the environment at the attraction 24 hours a day to protect the site against decay.

For more information visit or contact the Learning and Programmes department at the Roman Baths on 01225 477757.