For teaching Masada (CLC stage 29)

There have been several posts on the OCR Classics Community about AVA to back up the teaching of Stage 29 of the Cambridge Latin Course. The most recent informs that there is a DVD of the Peter O’Toole 1981 miniseries. I’ve just been nosing around, and Amazon advertises it here. It’s reduced from £20 to £13.

There is another version of the DVD mentioned, but it is labelled Region 1, which I think is North America. It is possible to set your laptop to Region 1, but it would be a bit of a fiddle setting and resetting it, so probably better to pay the extra £2 for the UK version.

The only problem with using this is that it is quite engrossing – and long (don’t know how long exactly, but it first came out on 3 VHS tapes). So you have to be very disciplined about exactly what you show in class, or no other work will be done for weeks! Perhaps arranging an out-of-school viewing would be possible.

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