DNA links Welshman to Roman soldiers.

I wonder how many more of us have DNA links with the Roman invaders? The video doesn’t detail how the DNA of ancient Roman soldiers was obtained for comparison, but I suppose the scientists are sure about it.

Video from the BBC

Dennis Cleeton from Llandrindod Wells, Powys has spent 20 years tracking his ancestors back to the 16th Century – then a chance request to take a DNA test took him back even further to the invading Roman armies.


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  1. I am Albanian from Kosovo Prstina, What Dennis found is true 100%. We Albanians are descendent from Illyrians, at roman time we did fight against Romans got defeated, lived together for many centuries, until ottomans came in and changed everything, Kosovo used to be called Dardania. Illyrians got mixed with Greek and Romans, but it’s one of the first ethnic group who lived as Aryan’s race between roma n Greek.

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