The Latin revival

American articles on the renaissance of Latin continue to appear in newspapers, and that’s wonderful. From a UK blogging point of view they are not all riveting because they are basically the same. So many students are taking Latin, up from …. The teacher is enthusiastic and makes the subject live. A number of students offer their reasons for learning, rehearsing the facts an opinions we know so well. So here is just an excerpt which includes national statistics.

The Columbia Missourian

Richard LaFleur, a professor of classics at the University of Georgia, said Latin continues on a steady upward trend in America’s schools.

“Overall, there are circa half a million Latin students in America’s schools and colleges both public and private, with some of the largest growth in the elementary and middle school levels,” LaFleur said.

LaFleur, former president of the American Classical League, an organization that aims to promote “the study and teaching of the Classical Greek and Latin world,” said the number of National Latin Exam participants has continued to increase from fewer than 10,000 students in 1978 to about 150,000 today.

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