Greek Tragedy Day with performance of Hippolytus

I pass on this email just as it came to me.

Dear Colleague,

I would like to invite you and a group of 6th form students to a “Greek Tragedy Day” to be held at Stockport Grammar School on Thursday, 12th February 2009. The day will comprise a series of lectures and a matinee performance of our school’s production of Euripides’ “Hippolytus”.

We have put on a tragedy in each of the last three years: Medea in 2006, Agamemnon in 2007 and Oedipus in 2008. Our pupils have found the plays very useful in visualising the nature and content of tragedy. As our productions of the plays fulfil a crucial academic role, we have never strayed too far from the text and spirit of the original plays. However, we have always tried, via the use of music and video, to make the plays accessible and enjoyable to a modern audience.

I am pleased that, this year, representatives from the Universities of Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester have agreed to give lectures about some of the most important aspects of “Hippolytus” and Greek tragedy in general. I will also talk to the pupils about Greek tragedy in performance. We are thus able to offer a “Greek Tragedy Day” which I hope the pupils will find both enjoyable and useful. There may also be an opportunity for the pupils to speak to the visiting lecturers about studying Classics at degree level. The day will begin at 9:30am and last until 3:45pm. There will be no charge for the day and you and your pupils will be welcome to choose from a selection of hot and cold meals in our dining hall at lunch time. I will send the full timings of the day, along with the titles of the lectures, at the start of next term.

If you would like to come along then please could you send me an email with the name and address of your school together with the number of places you will require (including accompanying staff). In the event that the day is oversubscribed, places will be allocated in the order in which I receive replies. Applications should reach me by the end of January at the latest.

Yours sincerely,

Alastair Thorley
Head of Classics
Stockport Grammar School

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