Teaching post at Sherfield School

This has just reached my in-box:

I attach details of a Latin teaching post at Sherfield School. Please apply to the school contact for further details.

The post is to teach Latin in the senior school about 16 lessons (40 mins each) per week Y7 – Y 11. Pupils in Y 7/8 use the CLC, the one Y9 pupil and 3 Y10s are using So you really want to learn Latin and the Y11 are currently preparing set texts for iGCSE. Class sizes are relatively small (no more than 20) and the still budding department has quite a few resources most being with the CLC (including the e-learning resource).

The contact at the school for more information is Richard Robson and he can be reached at richard.robson(AT)sherfieldschool.co.uk for further details. The position is part-time with the potential for growth. The ideal candidate would be up to the task of taking the department further. The position is permanent though I don’t think they will mind a temporary applicant. The school’s website and more info can be found at www.sherfieldschool.co.uk.

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