Consortium of home-schooling families do well in Latin

Home schooling seems to be big in the USA. My own niece there taught one of her children at home for one year, joining with other families for science and perhaps other subjects. Anyway, this particular group of families has done excellently in Latin

Area Latin students excel at state competitions

Local Latin students who attend the Classical Cottage School brought home over half of the 30 top prizes awarded to students who attended the Virginia Junior Classical League competitions in Richmond Nov. 23-24.

The 12 Classical Cottage students were among 1,150 delegates attending the convention.

Emma Leahy was the top student at the gathering for the fifth consecutive year. A Latin VI student in the 11th grade, she placed first among all students in all three divisions of competition — academics, creative arts, and graphic arts — and was first among all 11th-grade students overall.

She was presented nine Best in Show awards for her representation of Cleopatra in the Couple Costume contest, Latin Dramatic Interpretation, and Charts, and on academic tests of Mythology, Roman Daily Life, Academic Pentathlon, Latin Literature, Roman History, and Ancient Sports.

Emma also placed first in her division for Storytelling, English Oratory, Pottery, Cartoon, Greeting Card, and Art: Pencil. She placed second in T-shirt Design and the Art categories of Ink, Pastel, and Watercolor. Her Jewelry and Textiles entries won third-place ribbons.

Emma’s Advanced Latin Oratory placed fourth and her Modern Myth placed sixth.
Bret Geyer, a senior in Latin Four, won first place and Best in Show with Emma as Marc Antony in Couples Costumes; first in Modern Myth; third in Latin Vocabulary and Ancient Sports; sixth in Latin Grammar and Latin Reading Comprehension; and seventh in 12th-grade achievers.

Ingrid Heidelberger, a sophomore in Latin Six, won first place and Best in Show in Modern Myth, Latin Reading Comprehension, and Latin Grammar; first in Girls’ Advanced Prose Dramatic Interpretation; second in overall 10th-grade achievers; third in the Derivatives test; and fifth in Latin Vocabulary. Ingrid also was elected Virginia JCL secretary for 2008-09.

Carolyn Manion, a sixth-grader in Latin Two, won first place and Best in Show in Mosaics; first in Dramatic Interpretation, Mythology, Roman Daily Life, Ancient Sports, and overall among students through the eighth grade; second in Latin Grammar, Academic Pentathlon, Latin Oratory, Storytelling, and the younger Couples’ Costume Contest; third in Latin Reading Comprehension and Cartoons; and fourth in Illustrated Quotes.

Maeve Juday, a Latin Two student in fifth grade, won first place in Latin Oratory; second in Latin Vocabulary, Sculpture, Jewelry, and younger Couples’ Costume with Carolyn; third in Latin Dramatic Interpretation and among all students in grades five through eight; fourth in Cartoon and Map; fifth in Latin Grammar; and ninth in Mythology.

Kelly Lawyer, a senior in Latin Four who served as the VJCL first vice president for 2007-08, won second in Roman History and Maps; fourth in Pottery; fifth in Pentathlon; and seventh in Latin Reading Comprehension.

Kimberly Lawyer, a sophomore in Latin One, won first place in Latin Dramatic Interpretation; second in Pottery, Textiles, and Latin Oratory; fourth in Dolls; seventh in Latin Derivatives and among all 10th-graders participating; and 10th in Latin Reading Comprehension and Roman History.

Maria Cascio, a freshman in Latin One, won first place in Mosaics and Pottery; second in Latin Dramatic Interpretation; third in Latin Oratory and among all ninth-graders; fourth in Maps; sixth in Jewelry; seventh in Reading Comprehension; eighth in Latin One Omnibus; ninth in Latin Language test; and 10th in Latin Derivatives.

Aubrey Geyer, a freshman in Latin Four, won first in Latin Reading Comprehension and Modern Myth; second in Mythology and Girls’ Costume Contest as Demeter, goddess of agriculture; fourth in Academic Pentathlon and among all ninth-graders; sixth in Derivatives; and seventh in Latin Grammar.

Rachel Bell, an eighth-grader in Latin Two, won first place in the younger Couples’ Costume Contest; second in Textiles and Latin Dramatic Interpretation; and seventh in Mythology.

Camille Leeds, a Latin Two eighth-grader, won first place in Textiles and the younger Couples’ Costume Contest with Rachel; second in the Roman Life test; third in Latin Oratory; and seventh in Reading Comprehension and Roman History.

And Kenton Geyer, a Latin Two sixth-grader, won first place in Boys’ Costume Contest depicting Hades, god of the Underworld.

The Classical Cottage School is a consortium of home-schooling families who meet once a week for classes in Double Tollgate.

For more information on the school, call Cindy Leahy at 540-837-1599.

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