To illustrate Barbillus and his doctor

Bingen museum has a splendid set of Roman medical instruments, which I photographed on a visit two or three years ago.

I’ve been transcribing the museum explanations (which I also photographed) and trying to fit the pictures to the exhibits.

Have a look at this page. If anyone has more knowledge of doctors’ instruments than I (which would not be difficult!) and can guide me to better labelling, I’d be grateful.

Taunton Prep School meet ‘Claudius Maximus’

Somerset County Gazette

By Phil Hill »

CHILDREN at Taunton Prep School were visited by ‘Claudius Maximus’ in full Roman uniform.

The youngsters found out about discipline in the Roman Army and took part in a drill, marching around the school field.

They learned when the Romans invaded Britain and tried on different pieces of a Roman soldier’s uniform.

They also recreated a battle between the Celts and Romans where,
although the latter were outnumbered three to one, they were still
victorious due to superior tactics and their ability to maintain