Roman date posters, free.

Sparklebox2 has a series of 6 downloadable posters designed as a time-line of the history of Rome. The dates are 735BC The building of Rome begins (I thought it was 753); 510BC Rome becomes a republic with elected officials. 202BC Rome’s power spreads … 0BC The birth of Jesus (oh well, one has to plump for one date). 61AD Boudicca’s revolt … 122AD Building begins on Hadrian’s Wall.

I’d prefer AD 61 and AD 122 to 61 AD etc. In the year of our Lord 61 seems the right order. But at least the designers use BC and AD rather than the senseless BCE and CE. If you are going to date things from the birth of Christ, why pretend that you aren’t doing so? What does ‘common era’ mean?

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